Nao's Print Studio

Motifs of my printing works are landscapes remained in my mind, angels, imaginary animals, familiar flora and fauna, miscellaneous daily goods.
I spent most of my twenties in countryside at the foot of Mt. Fuji, touching the soil and growing vegetables.
My motifs were inspired and created through these country live.
I produced accessories, clocks and lighting fixtures using my printing works.
I wish my works will be placed in your life gentry and quietly.

About Hanga

Hanga(Japanese Printmaking) is a technique by etching copper plate or engraving copperplate or woodblock and apply ink to transfer.
Copperplate makes distinctive delicate lines from characteristics of moderately soft material of copper.
From woodblock, we can make lines with idyllic warmth and power with wood carving traces by gravers.
Hanga can make expressions that can not be drawn with pens or brushes.

More art works in our life

Art works are usually put in reasonable size and are usually decorated on musium of art, art galleries or entrances to houses, living room walls and so on.
But, I made an extremely small copperplate prints able to instead of museums and art galleries, to have their works decorated at the chest of people.
I would like to ask you to keep my works gently and quietly at everyday living.
And I think that I would like to weave fairy tales for each of those small stages.

Not for record, but for share

I am not working to take something award and to prove a way my life, but to share pleasure of my work.
In other words, our production is on the extension of daily communication.
I want to bring rest time to people who are busy by my work.
From such thought, I am exploring the possibility as a daily use of Hanga, such as clocks and lights, rather than as art objects.

Responds gently to everyday life

I try not to separate work and life as much as possible.
A work is born from life and there is pleasure of living in the work.
Both are purposes, but also means.
I never forget that creation of my work cannot exist without society and nature.
I hope that existence itself of my work is quietly standing in society like sounds of wind or bird's voices.